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Traumatic Brain Injury and Cumulative Brain Injury are a common cause of Workmen's Compensation Claims. Leading causes of  TBI are motor vehicle accidents, work place injuries, acts of violence, falls, sports and recreational  injuries. Because the injury is unseen, proper diagnosis is critical to insure proper assessment of this type of injury claim.

A Traumatic Brain Injury impairs the ability to think, do, and know.  Memory problems, moods, and attention deficit are the top three complaints of brain injury patients. Intellectual dullness, and mental rigidity can be common signs of brain injury. Personality changes occur, and rapid mood swings alternate with waxing and waning energy levels. Each symptom on its own may seem of minor signifigance, however multiple impairments are common. The overall effect can be profoundly disabling. 

The specialized staff of the Princeton Brain & Spine Care Concussion Institute bring unique skills and training to the assessment of these cases.

For more information, please contact our WCB Liaison, Nancy Edwards.

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